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Getting Started with IR-LOCK Pixy (Installation)

Installing the IR-LOCK Filter

Archived Files/Firmwares

Powering the '360 Pod'

Developer Kit Specs (High-power LEDs + Driver)



What is IR-LOCK Pixy?

IR-LOCK Pixy is a modified version of the popular Pixy color vision sensor. IR-LOCK Pixy tracks infrared markers instead of color targets in order to increase tracking reliability and consistency. Check out the videos on this page for more details. Also, there is also a lot of introductory information on the Kickstarter page

What is the detection/tracking range of IR-LOCK Pixy?

The range at which IR LEDs can be detected depends on many factors: lens, IR LED power, operating environment, etc. The typical range for our 360° IR Pod is 30-60 ft (indoor/outdoor), and the range for standard IR LEDs is ~15 ft (indoor). In order to increase range, the best solutions are to (a) change the lens to one with a narrower field of view, (b) increase the size/power of your IR marker, or (c) adjust your exposure setting in the Pixymon GUI. 

Does IR-LOCK Pixy give false detections?

Since IR-LOCK Pixy filters out most of the wavelengths of light that we are not interested in, it only gives false detections when other strong IR emitters are in your Pixy's line-of-site. The two primary causes of false detection are (1) when Pixy is looking directly at the bulb of an incandescent light, or (2) when a shiny/reflective object reflects sunlight back at Pixy (e.g., cars/trucks). We have included an 'exposure setting' which helps you account for your particular operating environment. 

When will more IR-LOCK products be available for purchase?

Hopefully, very soon. You can stay up-to-date on product availability by signing up for the IR-LOCK newsletter:

Can I use a different lens with my IR-LOCK Pixy?

Yes. Make sure that the lens does not have an IR-cut filter. In other words, it needs to be able to pass infrared light.

Can IR-LOCK Pixy also be used to track colors like the regular Pixy?

Yes, you can uninstall the IR-LOCK filter and re-install the default firmware to track colors again. 

Where is the IR-LOCK/Pixhawk info?

Check this documentation here!

How can I use IR-LOCK Pixy to control a camera gimbal?

If your gimbal control board accepts PWM input for roll/pitch/yaw control, then you can wire Pixy to your control board in a similar fashion as the servo pan/tilt setup. For example, check the RC_Roll and RC_Pitch inputs on this diagram for an Alexmos control board .... The challenging part is physically attaching Pixy to the gimbal without upsetting the balance. Here is an interesting setup that may spark some ideas. Feel free to provide your thoughts and ideas in the IR-LOCK forum


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