IR-LOCK Sensor - with Short Range LEDs

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Includes IR-LOCK filter and IR Lens (pre-installed) and 5x Standard IR LEDs (see the MarkOne Beacon if you need reliable long range detection). The Kickstarter page is a good place to get familiar with IR-LOCK, and also to see product demonstrations. Or just watch the videos below! 

The starter kit is intended for short-range, indoor tracking (~15 ft depending on operating environment)

Use MarkOne or a Beacon for long range, outdoor tracking. 

Compatible Software/Hardware: APM:Copter, Pixhawk, Arduino, Rasberry Pi, Python, Linux.

Sensor Weight: 21.5 g

1x IR-LOCK Sensor (IR-LOCK filter and 3.6mm lens are pre-installed)
5x Standard IR LEDs

General Instructions (using standard LEDs)

Drone Documentation (using MarkOne)

Dimensions and Hole Layout



Buy a pan/tilt kit to create a cool tracking demo:


Or you can build an IR-tracking robot!


IR-LOCK goes airborne:


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