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Sneak Peek: Wibotic/IR-LOCK Automated Drone System

Early look at the Wibotic automated drone system. Includes custom-calibrated IR-LOCK sensor, MarkOne beacon, Wibotic inductive charging station, and 3DR Solo drone. 

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Solar-powered DRONEBOX System w/ IR-LOCK

Excerpt from Gizmag

The proliferation of drones for a multitude of tasks has led to improved autonomy, and reduced the level of human intervention. On the flip side, however, people are still needed to physically wrangle drones to a site whenever they are required, and much time and expense is spent deploying them. To help reduce this burden, the new Dronebox nesting platform has been created to provide 24/7 autonomous capabilities to drones. It provides an automated recharging and storage station that can be left on site so a dedicated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) can be...

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UAVIA Cloud-Controlled Drone System

(UAVIA is a public partner with IR-LOCK)

Excerpt from

For the first time, UAVIA is demonstrating a new generation of completely remote controlled drones. The first being used for inspection and surveillance. This will be the first time that 100% remotely operable drones will be available in the market – and they’ve been built with Ubuntu under the hood.

Drones are currently complex to handle as the operator has to physically move to the site of interest to perform an inspection. Flight ranges are also very limited because of weak radio links between UAVs...

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Drone Charging Station - SwarmX Hive


Excerpt from TechInAsia

It’s true autonomous drones are being employed in enterprises, where they’re starting to be used for security and surveillance. But operating them is labor intensive and costly.
SwarmX’s mission is to change that. It wants to make entire drone fleets – and not just individual drones – easy to command ....

One key piece of this system is a literal Hive – a weatherproof docking bay for drones. Once the robot lands, the door opens, and the landing pad slowly descends into the Hive with the drone, like in a sci-fi movie. The landing...

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SkySense Charging Station w/ IR-LOCK and Solo

Does anybody want to move in next door? We could send drones to each other ad infinitum. :) I cannot confirm if this installation increases/decreases the value of your home.

This test represents an interesting combination of products and technology from 3DR, APM:Copter, Skysense, and IR-LOCK. Previously, each component had...

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