T-Motor U8Ⅱ Lite Efficiency Type UAV Motor KV100 Net

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Manufacturer: T-Motor


• Max. Thrust: 9.1kg
• High Thrust/Weight Ratio: 36
• Service Life: 1000h

"U Efficiency" motors (from U-series) are aimed for high end UAVs requiring long endurance. This kind of UAVs are usually for surveillance, cruise, security and protection, surveying and mapping.

Lightweight design allows you to fly longer, Industrial-grade dustproof and waterproof and anti-aging, greatly extends the working life of the motor. Curved magnets with precise tolerance control and rational magnet space for optimal motor magnetic circuit help improve motor performance. The motor uses imported customized bearings to extend the service life of the motor and ensure smooth flight and longer flight time. 

 1. Max. thrust: 9.1kg 
 2. Recommendation: T-MOTOR G28*9.2"prop
 3. MTBF: About 1000hours 
 4. Motor Maintenance: Regularly lubricate bearings to reduce friction and wear 
 5. Features: Lightweight design, Waterproof, dustproof, low noise 


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