RFD900ux Modem Bundle

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Manufacturer: RFDesign

Product Description:

This is the ideal solution for long range telemetry or communications. 

Two RFD900ux modems with antennas for all antenna ports.

**It requires the RFD900ux PIXHAWK2 to RFD900 Telemetry Cable - 150/300mm to interface to your application.

The kit consists of:

2 x RFD900ux Radio Modems  (1.1)

1 x Antenna, 900MHz Quarter wave monopole 2.1dBi  (8.3)

1 x Antenna, 900MHz Right Angle Quarter wave monopole 2.1dBi (8.2)

4 x Antennas, 900MHz Half wave dipole 3dBi  (8.4)

1 x FTDI USB cable  (8.1)

4 x RFD900u antenna cable (RPSMA)      (11.6)

1 x 900ux to 8 way socket cable (900ux)   (2.4)

1 x RFD900ux multi cable 150mm   (2.3)

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