RFD900ux Modem Bundle

RFD900ux Modem Bundle

This is the ideal solution for long range telemetry or communications. 

Two RFD900ux modems with antennas for all antenna ports.


This Kit contains the following items:

2 x RFD900ux Radio Modems 
1 x Antenna, 900MHz Quarter wave monopole 2.1dBi
1 x Antenna, 900MHz Right Angle Quarter wave monopole 2.1dBi
4 x Antennas, 900MHz Half wave dipole 3dBi
1 x FTDI USB cable
4 x RFD900u antenna cable (RPSMA) 
1 x 900ux to 8 way socket cable (900ux) 
1 x PIXH2 to RFD900ux Telemetry cable -150 mm 


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