RFD868x Modem Bundle

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Manufacturer: RFDesign

Product Description:

This is the ideal solution for long range telemetry or communications.  Two RFD868x modems with antennas for all antenna ports.

The kit consists of:

2 x RFD868x Radio Modems (6.2)

1 x Antenna, 868-900MHz Quarter wave monopole 2.1dBi (8.3)

1 x Antenna, 868-900MHz Right Angle Quarter wave monopole 2.1dBi (8.2)

4 x Antennas, 868-900MHz Half wave dipole 3dBi (8.4)

1 x FTDI USB cable (8.1)

1x RFD900 to Pixhawk2.1 Cable - 300mm

You get a cheaper price when purchasing a whole kit !

*Please note that some newer versions of the FTDI VCP driver namely version have been reported as possibly incompatible with the FTDI cables we stock.  If you are experiencing issues, we recommend reverting to version 2.12.28 or before.

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