RF Extension Cable - RPSMA(M)-RPSMA(F) 100cm

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Manufacturer: RFDesign

Product Description

This is an RF extension cable with RPSMA male/female terminations.

It has a bulkhead fitting on the RPSMA(F) end to allow mounting through panels to get the best antenna location.

The bulkhead fitting will allow approximately a 6mm thick wall to be penetrated, with allowance for the lock washer, nut and terminating cable/antenna to be connected on the other side.

They can be connected end to end to make custom lengths (losses will be added together on subsequent cable lengths.


Total length: 100 cm
Insertion loss @ 915 MHz: TBA dB - typical
Insertion loss @ 2450 MHz: TBA dB - typical
Insertion loss @ 5550 MHz: TBA dB - typical
Cable type: RG316
Cable thickness: 2mm
Weight: 0.20 g 

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