Pixhawk2.1 Edison & Here GPS Kit

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MPN: HX4-06021

Manufacturer: CubePilot

This Kit contains the following items:

  1. The Cube: the brains behind the operation
  2. A full carrier board
  3. 1x Power Brick (two power bricks can be used for redundant power)
  4. Cable set that allows you to connect to your old Telemetry module, GPS, and sensors
  5. Here GNSS


Resources and Downloads:

Pixhawk2 Assembly Guide

Pixhawk2 User Manual

Pixhawk2 Specifications

DF17 Series Datasheet


Detailed Contents List: 

(Cables for accessories are JST to DF13 cables which are compatible with old pixhawk accessories, such as Telemetry, Power Brick or GPS)

Here GNSS * 1

PIXHAWK2.1 Cube * 1

PIXHAWK2.1 Full Carrier Board * 1 (compatible with Intel Edison)

POWER Brick Mini * 1

SD Card(inserted in Cube) * 1

TELEM Cable * 2

POWER Cable * 1

I2C Cable * 1

BUZZER Cable * 1

MICRO USB Cable * 1

GPS1 Cable(with saftey switch) * 1

GPS2 Cable * 1

I2C Splitter * 1

Mounting Screws(M2.5*8) * 4

3M Double Sided Foam Tapes

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