Here+ RTK GPS Complete Kit (M8P)

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Manufacturer: CubePilot

NDAA 2023 Compliant GNSS/GPS

This Kit contains the following items:

  1. Here+ RTK Rover
  2. GPS1 port connector for connecting Here+ Rover to PH2
  3. Here+ RTK Base
  4. Here+ RTK Base USB connector

 Manufacturer: CubePilot


    • Centimeter‑level GNSS positioning for the mass market
    • Integrated Real Time Kinematics (RTK) for fast time‑to‑market
    • Smallest, lightest, and energy‑efficient RTK module
    • Complete and versatile solution due to base and rover variants
    • Breakaway mount
    • 4 compass options (Alpha testers only)
    • MPU9250 IMU (for future Breakaway detection and compensation)
    • MS5611 Barometer
    • 6CM Ground plane

    Resources and Downloads:

    Here+ Datasheet

    LATEST HERE+ RTK User Guide

    Here and Here+ GNSS Quick Guide 

    Here+ M8P Datasheet 

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