Beacon V1.1 (board-level)

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NOTE: This is the updated version of the original Beacon. The key technical specifications have not changed. Minor changes have been applied to improve electronics longevity and reliability. 

This board-level beacon is the same as the IR Beacon, but without the enclosure. It is ready for integration into your landing pad, companion vehicle, or other UAS project. Note that the lead time for bulk orders can be up to 30 days, so contact us ahead of time ( 

The IR Beacon is optimized for UAV Precision Landing applications. The modulated IR signal and the latest IR-LOCK Sensor firmware are designed to automatically distinguish your Beacon from IR interferences. This high-power Beacon can be reliably detected at over 45 ft in most lighting conditions. Attach the IR-LOCK Sensor to your UAV, and place your Beacon where you want to land. (see Documentation for details and examples)

Are you planning for large-scale production? Great! Board-level Beacons will be made available for integration into your products and projects. Contact us to inquire about bulk/custom orders.

1x Beacon (w/out enclosure)

2 Modes: Modulated (recommended), Solid
Suggested Power Supply (not included): 3 Cell Lipo and connector, 9V power adapter, or 12V power adapter
Input Voltage Range: ~8V-13V 
Power Consumption*: 0.33A @ 12V
Weight: 16.9g
Dimensions: see links below 
(*max consumption... Modulated power consumption will be less)


Dimensions (LED and hole-positions)


Precision Landing Demo/Test Videos


Support for small or large-scale projects




 Precision Landing Demos with Beacon


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