AirPixel Simple geotagging cable set

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Manufacturer: AirPixel


Geotagging cable set for airplanes, VTOLs, or other special usage scenarios.


This cable set is used for the simplest installations of the ENTIRE. Typically fixed wings airplanes, VTOLs, drones without gimbals or FPV drones.
This set provides cables to connect the flight controller (DJI or PixHawk), hot-shoe connector for capture detection and a Multiport cable.

Cable set contains:
– Multiport cable
– PixHawk Cable
– DJI Cable
– Hot-shoe cable
– Hot-Shoe connector

This set is applicable to PixHawk Cube drones or DJI-driven drones.
This set is not directly usable for DJI M600 (cables are too short).

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