AirPixel MavPorter

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Manufacturer: AirPixel

MavLink routing device to replicate one serial (telemetry) MavLink port to four new ports.


  • MavPorter is a MAVLink routing device designed to replicate a single serial (telemetry) MAVLink port into four new ports with configurable baud rates and routing features.

  • By default, MavPorter is configured to function as a 5-port MAVLink hub, forwarding all data from each port to every other port.

  • You can configure your MavPorter to deny forwarding between specific ports or limit the frequency of forwarding for certain message IDs.

  • Configuration is done via parameter protocol from your QGC or MissionPlanner.

  • Firmware updates are done via MavLink from our update application for PC.More details at product page.

Dimensions: 28*22*9 mm
Weight: 5g

Set contains:
– MavPorter unit
– 2x Cube connection cable (JST SH -> JST GH)
– 3x UNI cable (JST SH -> JST SH)

MavPorter is also compatible with the ENTIRE and can do special tricks when ENTIRE is connected to the system, like:

  • Tunnel AIR Commander Link data via MavLink
  • Tunnel DJI API data via MavLink
  • Tunnel NMEA data from and to the ENTIRE via MavLink
  • Tunnel ERB (EMLID) data via MavLink
  • Tunnel SBUS via MavLink

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