Airbot Systems Mini Power Brick 100A

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Manufacturer: Airbot Systems


Airbot Systems Mini Power Bricks encapsulate a high quality switch voltage regulator, that can support up to 12S voltage and 3A continuous power out. It has been developed to be as compact as possible and can be installed in any kind of UAV.

The Mini power bricks integrates built in voltage and current sensing. The voltage & current information are used to determine the consumed power, and to estimate remaining battery capacity. This in turn allows the flight controller to provide failsafe warnings and other actions in the event of low power.


Overall dimensions: 44*27*17.6mm
Mounting holes diameter: M3
Mounting holes distance: 38mm
Weight : 31g
Power supply max voltage input: 12S
Power supply max current output: 3A
Power supply max peak current output: 4A (<few sec)
Voltage sensing: Up to 12S
Current sensing: 100A

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