Airbot Mini Carrier Board PRO – 100A

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Manufacturer: Airbot Systems


The PRO Mini Carrier Board is the most compact high-end solution. This carrier board ensures the distribution of signals and current.

The PRO version incorporates a power distribution board and includes two 5.3v voltage converters, which provide power redundancy to the auto-pilot, a current probe and a voltage probe. This very compact set incorporates all the necessary elements to accommodate a Cube and allows easy and uncluttered mounting on all types of chassis. It optimizes the assembly and saves significant space.

The Airbot Mini Carrier Board PRO has been specially designed to allow the installation of a Cube (Pixhawk 2.1) on any drone. It offers full connectivity in a reduced form factor:

– 2 power ports
– RC input (PPM / S.Bus + 5v)
– Spectrum input + 3.3v
– Serial ports: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 – I2C + CAN
– GPS1 + GPS2
– Distribution of PWM signals for motors (up to 8)


Mini carrier board (Version 1.4)
Dimensions: 50.5*57.5mm (1.98*2.26 in)
Height with the Cube: 24.65mm (excluding PSM +2.75mm approx.)
Weight: 19g (0.041lb) (connectors and PSM included)

Mini Power Distribution Board
Dimensions: 79*107mm (3.11*4.21 in)
Weight: 37g (0.081lb)
Max current: 100A

Power Supply
Weight: 9g (0.019lb)
Output voltage: 5.3V Max
Current output: 3A (5A peak tolerant)
Max voltage input: 50.2V (12S)

Total weight: 76g (includes spacers)


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