IR-LOCK Sensor - Pixhawk Cable not Included

  • $ 99.00

*Purchase a Pixhawk2.1 Cable

Enhance your UAV fleet with Precision Landing and target recognition features. Attach the IR-LOCK Sensor to your UAV, and place the MarkOne Beacon where you want to land. Great for automated charging systems, package delivery, UAV-to-ground vehicle landings, and landing safely in congested spaces. 

Precision Landing can be used in fully-automated UAV systems, or you can activate it manually to assist with safe and accurate landings. Check our documentation resources (linked below) for detailed instructions. 

MarkOne is recommended for the highest level of detection reliability in any lighting condition. Don't hesitate to contact us with your technical questions.

Compatible Software/Hardware: APM:Copter, Pixhawk, Arduino, Rasberry Pi, Python, Linux.

1x IR-LOCK Sensor (IR-lOCK filter and lens are pre-installed)


MarkOne Documentation and Examples 

Precision Landing Demo/Test Videos

Dimensions and Hole Layout